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The Kidz "n" Sports blog will be publishing content soon.  Content will include text and videos.  If you have a specific topic that you would like Coach Mike to discuss, please send email for consideration.

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Rules of Engagement
As I look at other sites and social media, one thing I notice are topics of discussion. As I post various blogs and videos on this page, I welcome open discussion but there will be some rules. I believe in free speech but I also believe we can have... read more

Equal Play or Earned Play

In a child's early sports experiences, most leagues have some sort of "equal playing time" rule.  Some people, especially some parents, think that there should be equal playing time even at higher levels, such as high school varsity teams.  Today I'll discuss two things: One is there ever really "equal playing time?" and two, how do you teach a younger player about earning their playing time, without taking away the fun of the sport?  If you like this video, I hope follow me on Rumble as I create more content.

Equal Playing Time or Earned Playing Time

Created By: Mike Davis
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Is Your Kid a "One Coach Player?"

Is your child a "One Coach Player?"  Or do you encourage them to learn from every coach.

Every coach is a good coach to somebody, and every coach is a bad coach to somebody too.  The goal should be to learn as much as you can to make yourself a better player.  Check out Coach Mike's vlog here and see where you rate.


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